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Thursday, March 17, 2016

This simple new app proved to me that an Apple Watch is sometimes better than the iPhone

The Apple Watch is (probably) the best selling smartwatch around, but it suffers the same problem other wearables do: there aren’t many compelling reasons to use it.

A new app named parkOmator may be the best HP2-K34 expression of what an Apple Watch app should be, though. It’s effective, easy to use and doesn’t bother you to interact with it all the time.


All the app does is tag your location, then offer to remind you to return to it at another time. It’s meant for public parking (because who wants a ticket from a meter reader?), but C2090-913 can be used for anything time and location sensitive.

You could just as easily tag your location as you split from a group of 000-037 friends, and have it remind you to return to that spot later on. parkOmator even knows how long it will take you to return to your tagged location, and reminds you to get back in plenty of time.

I don’t want to dig my iPhone out for what parkOmator 000-450 offers me. If I’m parked in metered parking, chances are I’m at a restaurant or doing something else that’s fun. I’m probably doing something that is interactive, and I don’t want to check the time or try to remember where I parked (especially 000-611 if I’m half sauced and playing TRON at Ground Kontrol).

There are other apps with similar functionality (Apple’s own Reminders 000-782 app comes to mind), but not are as simple to use as parkOmator. It’s also the first app that has me reaching for my wrist instead of my iPhone, and that’s saying something.

Best Apple Watch apps to streamline your family life

With plenty of apps available on iTunes these days, the Apple Watch can 000-959 potentially revolutionise interactions by extending phone features to our wrist and making them more efficient. And beyond the situations early adopters took their phones through, a rigorous test of the latest and 000-N34 most useful apps, we feel, is how they can help you cope with a busy family life.

Technology must sink or swim here by the delivery of genuine value to warrant the 020-222 precious time and money invested in setting it up. As with any tech, the hardware may be beautiful but it's only as good as its software.

Here therefore are five Apple Watch apps that 040-444 have made a real difference to our family life - for a number of reasons - and why you should consider downloading them to your Watch too.

Workflow offers deep configurable access to all sorts of iPhone 050-701 and Apple Watch features. The big benefit here is automation. Drag and drop a series of functions to line-up, manage and achieve everyday tasks at the press of a button.

On the Apple Watch, you can achieve all manner of things 050-SEPROADAPT-01 using just one tap on an action, from scheduling calendar events based on your current location, tracking expenses or quiz Google to translate a phrase.


Even a scenario as obscure as sending a text message to your 070-323 spouse to let her know when you'll be home when on a run is achievable. Simply tap a "Workflow Complication", and it can automatically get your current location, calculate how far it is to get home and generate an estimated time of arrival 070-513 based on your average running speed.

This can then be bundled into an iMessage to your wife's 070-433 contact number together with your current address. It can even add what what music you're listening to. For example, "I'm at 17 Broadway Street, listening to Coldplay, and will be home in 21 minutes."

The watch does all that work for you at the tap of a button, and it totally feels like the future.